H4 First time travel to US while primary applicant extension in progress

My Dependents have their Visa expiring in 45 days and have planned travel to US this Saturday. This is the first time they are entering USA. They couldn’t travel due to Covid situation in India.
Me, the Primary applicant am on H1B and in USA and extension was filled and received the receipt number today in status(Name was Updated) .
Should there be any issues at port of entry for my dependents because of primary applicant extension in progress.
They would be carrying primary applicant’s current petition(I-797) , recent paystubs, passport(unexpired) , marriage certificate. Is there any other documents they need to carry.

Should not be any issue.

What is the expiry date on the I797 for primary H1B & H4 dependents?

I would also carry employment verification letter for primary along with above docs.

Thanks Kalpesh . Expiry on I 797 is 9-Sep-21

Ok, once they are in the US you will need to file their H4 extension before their I94 expiry of 9th September.

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Please update this thread with the travel experience of your dependents.