H4 First name spelling change in new passport

I have a query regarding the first name spelling change in my wife passport.

My spouse is in India and her stamping also need to be scheduled but she is planning to change the spelling of the first name in the passport through new passport request.
I have I797 approved till 03/2026
She has EAD approved valid till 03/2026 under previous first name and stamping has also expired in passport. Recently she went to india and no longer working.

We wanted to know the implications of changing the first name spelling in the passport?
Will it affect the stamping?
I believe she can go for stamping with new changed name passport and also can show old passport, marriage certificate, name change document.and my approved I797.

Upon return in USA she might need to go for SSN change, EAD change… ammendment?

What are the driving factors for the spelling change? Will it match the spelling in her birth certificate and other school records etc?

Spelling change should not have an impact on stamping as far as you can explain the reason.