H4-F1-OPT converted in US. Visa Stamping in India

Hi Saurabh,

	I studied my Masters on H4 as an instate student  (gave only TOEFL as GRE was not mandatory for instate students) and converted  to F1 in the last sem inorder to apply for OPT, I graduated this May2013.I recieved my OPT with a start date as July 5th 2013. I have  a full time job offer. Due to major medical emergency in the family ,I had to travel to India  last week. I was suppose to start my job on August 5th but couldnot. Company is willing to wait. Since i converted my  visa from H4-F1 in US i need to go for Visa stamping.My H4 is valid till 2016 and my F1 untill november 2013. OPT 3 months unemployment period will end by OCT 4th 2013.what are the chances of my F1 gettting rejected and loosing my OPT? What all the documents i need to carry for visa stamping?I have OPT-I20..do i need to ask for some other documents from the university?I had applied for SSN and it got approved but i donot have my SSN card with me but have my OPT card.  I have the offer letter with the start date as July 1st . Since i didn't start my job, do i have to ask the company to give me the offer letter with different start date?Since i gave only TOEFL exam is it gonna be a problem? What reason do  i need to give for converting from H4-F1(as this query was asked to someone as per the forum).If my F1 gets rejected do i have to apply again for H4? And if everything goes smoothly and i recieve my F1 will it be any problem in the port of entry-Chicago?Thanks very much for your help. 



You have to be careful about this as you are going for stamping after completing your course. You are just on OPT and your employment is yet to beging. I suggest talking to a good attorney or searching online about similar experiences.

Also, the 90 day employment period contains only the time spent inside US. So when you are outside US, that 90 day clock will stop.

Hi Saurabh,

I got my F1 Visa stamping done on OPT. Thanks for your guidance. you are doing a great job which helps us to clear our doubts regarding the Visa stamping.if we have all the documents up to date and follow the rules than we are good to go. And on another note:The 90 day unemployment period clock will run irrespective of the person staying in US/travelling outside US. Hope it helps.


Hi Usha,
My wife will be in same situation as yours. She is on H4 right now and going to get converted in F1 status this month. Then she is planning to start her OPT in June/July time frame.

What kind of questions they asked you when you went for F-1 stamping on OPT ?
What are all mandatory documents which you took with you ?
Which visa center you went in India ?


Hi… Usha I am in kind of same situation. I did H4 to F1 COS and going to graduate in may. but I dont have any F1 stamping in my PP. only H4. can I still go to India in Aug while I am on opt and apply for F1 stamping then? is that what you did? please reply if you see this. thx.

Hi, Did you stam your F1 OPT from India? I am in the same situation.