H4 extension while husbands H1 in processing


I am on H4 visa valid till Dec 2015. I also have a H4 EAD based on my husbands H-1b which expires in Dec 2015. He has filed for his extension in August 2015 and it is still under processing.

Can I file for a H4 vextension and a EAD extension based on this h1b even though it is still under processing? USCIS can’t approve the H4 and EAD extension until my usbands H1b is approved. Will they put th H4/EAD on hold till my H1b is approved?

If the H-4 extension would have been filed along w/ H-1 extension, then it would have been easier to club them. I don’t think you can club them now. They may issue RFE asking for proof of H-1 extension.

One option is to upgrade H-1 extension to PP, and once approved apply for H-4 and EAD extension.