H4 Extension Visa Appointment Chennai


I tried to book for Dropbox appointment at Chennai. I answered all the required questions for Dropbox. After the visa payment, when I tried to book for the interview slot, I did not get IW option, but instead I had to book VAC appointment and Consulate appointment. My question is,

  1. Should I have to do the biometric again(I already did biometric in the US)and go for the in-person interview like the 1st time?
  2. I already have my H4 approval papers with me. Can I show my H4 approved papers at the consulate interview while submitting the other documents?
  3. Is attending the biometrics and consulate interview is safe for h4 extension stamping as I have provided the necessary information about my previous h4 visa?
  4. Is there any way to reschedule the in-person appointment to dropbox appointment?

If you are not seeing the Dropbox eligible message it means you are not qualify for that. If you sure that you qualify not seeing that means you might not answered question properly.
Check the eligibility questions one more time and make sure that you are eligible or not.
Same visa class
Fall under 24 month expiration of visa
Not stolen and lost
No Specified annotations
Should not have valid visa ( it should expired)
14 years and above

If you sure eligible for Dropbox means you can reschedule. but you should make sure that before do that.
If you could booked both appointments which mean you are well and good to attend interview but make sure regular operations resumed or not. I heard that some of them attend the visa interview they are getting 221g with not qualify for the interview.
Please send email to ustravledocs so that they will help you on the same.

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Hi Meera,

Thank you so much for your reply!

Yes, I’m qualified for the Dropbox and I attended those interview waiver questions that you have mentioned still I didn’t get the IW option while scheduling.

Regarding 221G form, will it be given to H4 as well?

And can you kindly guide me how to reschedule from in-person interview to Dropbox interview? I tried to reschedule, but couldn’t do it. And can you tell me how to go back to the interview waiver questions to see whether I’ve answered correctly?

Don’t disturb existing us visa appointment rather you can create new account or use your spouse account to login then start from like new appointment then proceed with questions( this is just mocking to check eligiblity). This time carefully answer the questions. If you qualify then you can think of how to reschedule the existing appointment.

Current appointment system think that you are not eligible for Dropbox so it went to regular appointment like ofc and consulate interview. In this case I am not sure how to reschedule existing appointment to Dropbox

I can see two possible solutions

If you really qualify for Dropbox after checking with new account then send email to ustravle docs and explain about your problem so that they can help you.

Other options cancel existing appointment then book new appointment as Dropbox application by answer questions properly. But here after cancellation it take 24 hrs to reuse your existing pay receipt it may lead to you may not get new appointments as appointments booking quickly.

But you may have to think twice before cancel and book appointment . So first reach out ustravle docs through email see their response or directly call them.

221g not related to any visa class it depends other factors but don’t think about this first resolve your appointment issue.