H4 extension - I797 without I-94


I have applied for H4 extension for my spouse and daughter and later I withdraw my wife’s H4 extenstion as her status was changed to H1b. I sent letter to USCIS to withdraw the H4 petition for my spouse and retain the H4 extension for my child alone who is 2 years old. I received an I797 notice for H4 for my child alone, but it doesn’t had I-94 on it.

I haven’t received any updates from USCIS thereafter. Its being almost 210 days we received the above I797 for H4 without I-94. Isn’t I797 valid if it doesn’t has I-94 on it ? What should we do ? Do we need to send a letter to USCIS asking for approved I797 with I-94 on it ? Do we need to schedule an appointment with homeland security ?

Please reply. Any helpful comments will be very useful to us.

Thanks in advance

This is a big issue especially if child’s current I-94 has expired. Contact your attorney ASAP if they had filed the H-4 extension petition for you.