H4 Extension (I 539) is denied what is the next process

Hi my name is Pawan.

Along with my h1 extension we applied my wife & kid H4 visa extension( i539), my visa extension got approved but my dependent I539 is denied.(they have visa till DEC 31 2016)

i am not sure what is it mean and what are the next steps to get it approved, i done the extension in premium,

If any one have any idea on this type of case , please suggest me the next steps.



This is WRONG. They cant deny the H4s unless and otherwise there is a fraud with the H4 applicants.

Please review the denial notice details and answer the Denial notice…(not sure the denial is complete or Notice of intent to deny)

Thanks for your reply, actually my employee applied the extension on NOV14th(which i don’t know) and my family went to India on NOV 8th. so in denial notice they mentioned like as they are not in US they are denied the I 539 application.Now with my approved I 797 can i get the extension done for my family in India? one more thing is can this denial effect on the drop box option?

You didnt mention this in your post earlier.
Think bit detail: What do you mean by renewal? You must have a satatus and you should request for extension or renewal right? While your wife is our side United States, what status that you are claiming to extend for her? Its a brain less people act. You should use your brain(its your brain to use since H4 is YOUR petition, not your employer petition). The H4 exntion filing itself is mindless filing in first place, fortunately USICS uses their brian in correctly dnying such garbage.
Once your wife gets back into US, you can apply for her H4 extension OR while she is in India, she can go to the local consulate for H4 visa using your new H1 Approval notice.

Hi Rihanshi,

I am in the same boat where my H4 visa extension was rejected as I was not present in US during the filing.

Can you please let me know what happened to you case. Any help will be appreciated.