H4 Extension (How to)

Hi people.
Need some advice pls.
I and my dependents are currently in US on H1B/H4 respectively (first 3 years, no renewal yet).
My dependents H4 visa stamp and I-94 will expire about middle of 2024, and my first H1B will expire 2025.

How do we handle my dependents H4 that will expire soon?

  1. Will they need to travel out of the US for another H4 stamping or they can remain in the US and file form I-539 for extension of stay?

  2. How soon can we get the process of H4 renewal started? I am mindful of the time it takes in any case, and want to be sure we have another valid H4 by the time the current one is expired, considering the fact that my H1B will not need renewal until 2025.

  3. Is it possible to get my company to make the company attorney handle this H4 renewal process or we have to bear the cost personally? My company attorney only handled my conversion to H1B (because i was in the US at the time) while my dependent applied for H4 at the consulate back at home before joining in the US.

Thank you for your help

Visa stamping only if the current H4 visa is expired and H4 dependent wants to travel outside of the US to places other than Canada or Mexico.
H4 extension of the status is what you need to within 180 days of expiry of current H4 I-94 and before it expires.
Another option is to cross the Canada or Mexico border and enter back so CBP can do I-94 extension based on primary H1B I-797. In your case H4 I-94 should be extended till your H1b validity of 2025.
You can then file extension of status for H1B and H4 before your H1B I-797/I-94 expires.

Answered above.

You will need to bear the H4 cost however I am sure your company attorney will be willing to file H4 extension on your behalf as they will be doing it for fees.
You can file extension of status yourself too if you want to save attorney fees but make sure you understand form I-539 (read the instructions form) before you fill it and file.
You can file either paper or online.

This is helpful.

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