H4 extension- do i need to go out of country after180 days

My husband’s H1b extension was filed in sep 2020 along with my h4 extension his h1b was processed and he got an extension in dec 2020. I haven’t got any update on mine till date. I haven’t received appointment for biometrics as well till date.

Someone in my friends circle just told me that if I don’t get my h4 approval by February 2021 I need to go out of usa and come back only after I get my h4 approved and stamped. There is a 180 day rule which states that h4 visa holders cannot stay if their visa extension is not approved with 180 days since the date the extension was filed.
Is this true ?
What happens if I stay back in USA after feb 2021?

Could someone please help with this query?

No, nothing as such. As long as you have filed on time and you have got a receipt notice, you are fine. If you have not got biometrics, that is understandable because there are a lof of delays.

When you have filed it timely, meaning before your I-94 expired, you are in period of authorized stay. You do not have to leave until you get decision. Check below

Thank you!
I was pretty sure that there is no such thing that one has to leave the country after 180 days if there is no confirmation of status but someone had raised this and I wanted to confirm.

Just had another question and this is related to travel while h4 extension is still pending

Scenario1: can i travel out of USA while I am still waiting for Biometric appointment? Will I be able to re enter into USA?

Scenario2: can I travel out of USA after I am done with my Biometrics but still waiting for extension confirmation?
Assuming I will get status confirmation, will get stamping done in India and should be able to re enter USA.