H4 extension and intent to study starting August 2020

My H4 extension (I94 status) is slated to expire on August 25th 2020.The attorney for my spouse has filed an extension for us both (i.e H1b and H4) on April 28th 2020. I also have got an admit in Univeristy for Fall term starting August 2020.

  1. Can i over stay with a notice of acceptance of my case from USCIS (if I dont get an approval on time)?
  2. Can I use that as a proof to enroll in classes ( I am certainly going to ask my university International advisor)?
  3. As consulate offices are closed to a F1 stamping currently, can I send for a change of status (H4-F1) with the notice of acceptance of my (H4 extension case) to USCIS.

Please let me know. Thank you.