H4 extension and applied H1b and travel to india


I am on H4 visa and applied for H1b. My H4 visa extension is in-progres, just got receipt number which is in normal processing. I am planning to travel india on April 15th.

I have these questions.

1.Is this situation recommended to travel?

  1. What kind of risks I have to phase?

Please help me on this

you can travel to india… If your coming back after you current H4 expiration, then you have to go for a stamping with your approved H4 visa extension i hope…

review the below link you will get an idea


Straight forward answer to your question is: As soon as you get H4 approval notice, get it stamped. As soon as you hear about your H1B picked in the lottery (before approval itself) Immediately come back. Don’t stat outside US till it was approved. In that case you wouldnt be having any kind of problems. Hope this would helpful