H4 ext and H1 filing together, I need H1 status

Hi ,

I am on H4 visa from March 2013( applied Change of status from L1B to H4) valid upto dec 2014 and applied for H1 visa in April 2013 and its in initial review status.

My Wife holds H1B Visa valid upto Dec 2013. She need to go for extension of her H1 visa inluding my H4 visa extension also as per her employer request .

My question is

  1. Is it necessary to apply H4 extension along with H1 extension even though my H4 is valide upto 2014.

  2. Will H4 extension will imapct my H1 visa which is in initial review status.

  3. If my H1 approval comes before H4 extension approval, then how can i retain my H1 status.

  4. What is the procedure for H4 extension withdrawal.

Thanks in advance.