H4 Experience in HYD consulate

H4 - Regular Visa Appointment Experience - HYD

Ds160 - Chennai
VAC & Consular appointments - HYD

  • Not needed to change the DS160 to HYD just to match the location unless you don’t have any error correction required

22nd Aug - VAC HYD

My Reporting time - 8:00 AM

  • The security (inside the consular building) took my passport and asked me to wait in an area and gave my passport to a counter. He said it to move my DS160 from Chennai to HYD ( took hardly 10 min)
  • 08:05 AM got into a queue for 8 AM slots , It was fast moving
  • Got counter 14 ( only 3 counters were operating)
  • VO : She is very polite and precise

Questions Asked :

  1. Which Visa I am applying for
  2. How long I am married
  3. Asked to show the Marriage Certificate and gone through all of the pages until she see the Digitally/hand signature of Registrar
  4. Asked to show Marriage photographs
  5. Where is he working
  6. When was his last travel to India
  7. Asked for his NIE, and asked to show his NIE approval
  8. Asked for Photographs ( Said the VAC didn’t took it properly)

She stepped out from her seat and called another person to check my photograph issue, later asked me to go to another counter to talk to him. Gave my ds160 & passport and come back once that was done

In another counter( #10) - He asked when was my VAC , and Was my photographs recent. ( Hardly 5 min) He given back my ds160 & Passport to asked to go to same counter (#14) again.


  1. VO welcomed back and asked my passport
  2. Fingerprints given
  3. Told - I am keeping your passport to check for the NIE annotation, you can check the status. Good day.

I hope they are approving my Visa.

Suggestion - Please get your printed 2x2 photographs with you as the one taking during VAC is a mess in HYD, I carried those in last rush as some faced the same issues.

Hi Priyanka,

I am looking to book an appointment with the US consulate for my VISA stamping. When I checked the https://travel.state.gov website it says Embassy/Consulate in Chennai/Hyderabad is temporarily closed.

Could you please let me know how and when you booked your appointment?

-Siva K

Hi Siva,

Sorry for the very late response. I hope by now you would have been able to book the appointement now. Let me know if you have any other questions.