H4 experience at POE

Posting this for my friend.

Currently he is having H1 visa, legally to work in x location for employer in-house project. But he is currently working in some Y location for a project without amendment as his employer delaying that and planning to do that in some time. His family is currently in India and wants to bring them to US.

If he brings them to Y location , does they face any issue at POE. My friend got advice from his friends that for H4 dependents it wont be an issue, as they can tell coming to relatives house for 2 weeks and then planning go back to husband x location.

Please suggest.

First thing first - NEVER lie to a government official. So I wouldn’t suggest advising about lying about Y location.

Assuming the person tells the truth, this can be an issue. Maybe smack employer’s back of the head as he has really screwed up your friend’s immigration status here. I am pretty sure he is planning to lie on the amendment petition whenever that is filed to say that the employee is just moving to the new location.