H4 EOS and F1 dilemma

I need help,was H4 dependent on father H1with stamping and valid i94 till Nov,20.he lost job in Oct19 hence applied H4COS on Mom’sH1 which had validity till Aug20.Lawyers mistake was to apply me as and dad in same COs appliction and hence an RFE(tht it should be EOS for children and COS for spouse) in march.
In the mean time i had University admission so applied F1 COS in jan 20.Mom lawyer also applied her H1 renewal and my EOS under her application in March 20 and (also that to answer RFE )which she got H1 extension but my H4 is pending.
Now my F1 COS is approved. We need to immediately with draw the H4 EOS as i want to study on F1 and dont want to get stuck in last call rule as am 19+ yrs old. I HAD VALID H4 STAMP AND I94 ALL THE TIME .do we just withdraw the H4 application or need to request H4 eos only till F1 start date???

Frankly, there are too many moving parts and not able to understand it clearly.
Talk to an attorney and take informed decision.