H4 Emergency appointment

Hello All,

I have scheduled an EA request at Chennai on Sept 4th at Chennai Consulate. After being waited for 40 days of no updates, I lapsed my existing chances on that MRV fee and paid new and did the same at Delhi consulate on 16th October.

There were scenarios where EA request got approved in a day last month at Delhi.
Do you know what is the average wait time at Delhi NOW?
Did anyone get it requested and approved on October.?

Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

I think another user here @nxkr applied on Oct 12th for Delhi.
Im looking to apply EA in the next two days.
Trying to figure out which consulate is faster

Yes, I applied on 12th Oct, no updates yet. Mumbai seems to be faster (I have not applied there), and I have not done much research also. I saw someone’s EA approved within a day. Again I am not sure, perhaps if any Mumbai consulate applicants could verify; it would be beneficial to everyone. I will let you know if I get any updates from Delhi.

Hello Tom,

Delhi is fastest is what I heard. I got to know from another case is , they have applied on 8th October at Mumbai,but no update yet…

I know my friend applied for EA on 16th Sept and got response in 24 hrs and got appointment for 23rd Sept in Delhi. However recent comments indicate there is a delay in Delhi as well.
I haven’t read much about Mumbai anywhere.

Delhi was very fast in the beginning. But now due to so many pending requests they are also slow. But as far as I heard they are doing it within 10 to 15 business days. Also they are giving preference for dependents with babies who are USC.

I have applied for EA from Delhi today.

did any of you hear back from them ? @Shruti_Nandu , @Sarathpk89 , @nxkr

I had applied on 12th of Oct…No response yet from Delhi consulate…

COS from L2 to F1 ->If anyone can answer this question then please help!

Nope, still waiting. Fingers crossed.

Any luck with the EA slots ?

Nope, still waiting.

Anyone has idea why this long delay at Delhi and chennai consulate?

Covid -19 Pandemic is the only reason they are telling now.

is that what they are telling when you call the support number?

When we send an email to them asking for any queries, the auto reply says this statement as well.

I just saw this H4 Visa Emergency Appointments, Interviews - 21 Experiences in India - RedBus2US
first EA denial based on Family separation that Ive read online

updates anyone ? Nothing for me.

Last approved EA from Delhi was on 6th(EA raised on 2nd Oct).After that no one received approval.