#H4 EAD while H1B and H4 extensions filed but not approved yet

Hello Sir,
My I140 is already approved. My employer filed for my H1B extension and H4 extension for my spouse as well. My current visa is expiring in less than a month. We both received our H1B and H4 receipt numbers. Shall I apply for H4 EAD for my spouse? If I apply should I enter my already approved I797 receipt# which is expiring in less than a month or should I enter receipt which is filed but pending for approval?

Use the receipt # for your newly applied H1B. You should have filed all three togather.

Thank you Kalpesh for your reply. I will use the receipt# which I received it but not approved yet. My employer said they will not apply for EAD, so I have to take this route.

In supporting documents should I attach the existing H1B petition which is going to expire in less than a month or the I-797 receipt notice copy which is filed for extension or both?

Attach copy of current I-797 and the receipt for the extension.

Thanks for your suggestions and clarification Kalpesh.

Hi Venkatbolla/Kalpesh,

I am in the same boat, but have one additional question. If we provide the receipt # of the newly applied H1B for question 29 in I-765, which location do we send the EAD package as the receipt # starts with “IOE”?

What is the service center mentioned in the receipt notice? For e.g if TSC, send to Dallas lockbox.

Receipt # on my Receipt notice starts with ‘IOE’

There should be an address at the bottom on the receipt notice.

At the bottom of H1B receipt notice we have ‘Nebraska Service Center with address’ but do they have lockbox there? As per the address locations mentioned in instructions, it’s either Dallas/Lewisville,TX or Phoenix,AZ.

Because your H1B is being processed at Nebraska, which has a service code of LIN, you can file EAD at Dallas lockbox.

Thank you for your quick responses Kalpesh :+1: