H4 EAD versus H1B

Hello ~ I am currently on H4 EAD and i have an Employer. I am applying for H4 Extension this month(March) along with my Husbands H1B Extension, my Husband’s H1B is expiring this year in Sep 2017.

My Employer is willing to Sponsor for H1B this year. I am not too sure if it is really a good idea to file for H1B instead of sticking to H4 and working on EAD.

There are speculations that H4 EAD is uncertain/potentially at risk under the current circumstances. I have done my research and planning to proceed with H4 Extension First (since H4 will go through as long as my Husband’s H1B Extension is approved) versus my Employer filing H1B is slightly a long shot with lottery involved.

My Question is:

Just to be on safer side with H4 EAD at potential risk, should i let my Employer file H1B(in Regular) while my H4 Extension is being filed(in Premium). Are there any glitches with this approach ?


Thanks in Advance.