H4 EAD validity on I-485 filing


I am on H1B, my wife on H4. My I-140 is filed and receipt is received. Next step is waiting for I-140 approval.

As i understand, after I-140 approval: I can apply for I-145.

Also after my I-140 approval, I know that i can apply for my wife H4-EAD.


  1. If I file for I-145 for myself, and not choose to get EAD (instead stay on H1B) --> I believe my wife can continue her H4-EAD. --> Correct?

  2. If I file for I-145 for myself, and choose to get EAD (i.e. lose H1B status) --> I believe my wife CANNOT continue her H4-EAD --> Correct?

  3. If I file for I-145 for both me & wife, and get EAD started for both of us --> I believe getting EAD is much quicker than actual GC. Question: Can i file for my wife EAD in this case? i.e. without an actual job offer (like H4-EAD allows)

  4. Based on 1 & 2 being correct --> It almost sounds like with new H4-EAD rule, it is wiser for me to stay on H1B when I file I-1485 than get the EAD so that my wife can use the H4-EAD --> Correct?