H4 EAD to H1B for Year 2021


I have H4 EAD valid till Dec 2021 and was working with Employer A. I filled H1B in lottery with employer B and got picked and got I797 approved with start date Oct 01, 2020. Meanwhile due to COVID -19 I lost my job with Employer A. I was looking for another job and got full time position with Employer C. I Joined Employer C on H4 EAD and currently working. Now my question are -

  1. What is the safest way to protect my approved H1B and Job with Employer C.
  2. If my current Employer i.e Employer C file a transfer then what is the probability that it got approved.

Please note i have never worked for employer B (Employer who filled my H1B) and was supposed to work from OCT 01, 2020 .
Thank you

  1. Was it filed as COS with Employer B and is it approved ? If so, you join B and then later transfer to C or work with B
  2. You can do it after you get your h1B activated in October. So, you should work for B for sometime to be safe.

Hi Kumar,

Thank for your reply !

I have another query related to this as i have got laid off from employer B So I can’t go for COS with employer B (I797 is already approved). So what are the chances of COS approval with employer C if filing on Oct 01, 2020.

Please note I have already started working with employer C on H4 EAD.

Thank you once again.