H4 EAD to F1 visa interview


My wife’s H4 EAD to F1 visa interview is in two weeks. I have below queries.

  1. What would be the safe answer for ‘Why H4 to F1’ question?
  2. She has worked as TA in university on EAD. Would EAD cause any problem?
  3. My wife and me stay in different cities. Would it be a problem for visa approval?

I would really appreciate any helpful feedback.

Well, in general the tricky part is that she planning to move from a dual intent visa to F1 visa, which is not dual intent. It does not matter how far you stay or not… There is nothing called safe, you need to tell the reason that is genuine in your case, if you fabricate anything you will in trouble as you will miss conviction…I wish I had a better answer…