H4 EAD timeline

Hi everybody,
I changed from F1 to H4 in 2020 because I was unable to find a job on OPT during Covid-19. My husband is currently on H1B and his PERM is still in process. His employer expected to get PERM and I-140 approved by November 2022 the latest.
Currently I don’t have I-140 so I cannot file H4 EAD. If I have to wait until November 2022 and apply for H4 EAD, how long would I be unemployed? I heard that H4 EAD currently takes 1 year to get approved?
Thank you.

Is this is a statement or a question. Seems like you already know what the wait will be before you can work in the US :slight_smile:

It is a question. I don’t know the exact experience so I would like to hear some stories of H4 visa holders who can share their experiences.