H4 EAD standalone application query about supporting documents


I have applied for h4 ead (I-765) stand alone application with USCUS on 20th July, I have attached my husband’s H1B receipt notice as a supporting document however forgot to add my H4 application (I-539) receipt notice. Does this trigger RFE ? How does USCIS adjudication officer take decision as he/she may not have reference to my H4 application.

Is there a way I can send my H4 receipt notice now to USCIS as a supplementary supporting doc? Or it is not required to send H4 (I-539) receipt ?

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They may send you RFE to submit the copy of your H4 I-797 approval notice though the adjudicating officer should be able to see your current status in their system.

You can send the supporting document to the processing center that is listed on your H4 EAD receipt. If you do that make sure you include a cover letter explaining the reason you are submitting the document and refer to the receipt # for H4 EAD application and also attach a copy of H4 EAD receipt notice.

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