H4-EAD RFE -Establish that you are currently the spouse of H1B non immigrant

Hi All, I had recently applied for H4 EAD. I have submitted a Marriage certificate. It has only my first name and my husband’s full name. but my Passport has a full name. and Now I have received RFE saying “Submit evidence to establish that you are currently the spouse of “husband name” an h1-b nonimmigrant. Such evidence may include, but is not limited to” a copy of your visa and/or passport with a notation of the h-1b nonimmigrants name". Please let me know if you have any suggestions here.


Can you share the RFE copy for reference by removing personal info ?
Usually, when you get your visa stamping done on H4, you would get that annotation on your visa. see below sample. The PA would have your spouse name. That is what they are asking. So, send your copy


Please find the attached. On the H4 visa, we have spouse’s name correctly and my name is also correct with the full name. Can I just submit this?

Yes, that is exactly what they are asking for in the first one. Also, send the requested items for second one too.

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Thanks, Kumar for the quick responses.