H4 EAD Renewal - Receipt Nummber not generated

EAD renewal for my spouse -

Current EAD expiring on 6th June, 2024. H1B & H4 extension is approved till 2027. EAD renewal application sent but receipt number not generated yet. Package was delivered on 13th May… Can she continue the job after 6th June? What are the options?

Also, I have shipped to the wrong USCIS address, customer care has confirmed that they will re-route to the correct address. Should I send new application? What happens if I ship new application to new USCIS address. Please suggest.

Once you timely filed EAD and USCIS has received before the expiry of current EAD, H4 can continue working. For I-9 verification purpose, the employer may ask for the I-797 receipt notice.

No need to file another application. Call the service center to confirm the address they are rerouting and when it is expected to reach the center.