H4 EAD Renewal Application while H1B and H4 pending

My H4 EAD, my spouse’s H1B visa, and my H4 visa are due to expire in September 2024. My spouse’s employer recently applied for H1B and H4 renewals on May 12, 2024, and we received the I-797C notice for the H4 visa. However, we have not yet received the I-797C notice for the H1B visa.

Is it possible for me to file for my H4 EAD extension at this stage with both H1B and H4 renewals pending?
If so, what should I enter in the c(26) category on Form I-765?
Should I use my spouse’s latest H1B receipt number IOEXXXXX which I received from the employer , which is currently pending approval?

Yes however ideally you should have filed with H1B and H4.

You can however in the additional information section, provide clarification that the H1B and H4 extension of status are under processing and include copy of current I-797 for both.