H4 EAD received, H4 approval notice pending

Hi, I changed to H4 from F1 last year. I have received my EAD card but not the H4 approval notice. We sent multiple service requests to USCIS and they confirmed that the case was approved and they would send a duplicate approval notice. I haven’t received it yet. Can I travel to India and do stamping without this document. Spouse (on H1B) has all his documents. Thanks

You don’t need H4 I-797 but use primary H1B I-797 for visa stamping.

Thank you. As my change of status (F1 to H4) happened within USA, are my spouse’s (primary) documents alone valid for stamping?

Yes, whether it was COS. EOS or new, H4 only need primary H1B I-797 for stamping along with other supporting docs.