H4 EAD - Previous stamping was on H1 Visa, traveling now, do I need visa stamping.

Hi - I was on H1B visa, and transferred to H4 and got EAD while in US. I am travelling now, and want to know the process for stamping, I understand I might need to get H4 EAD stamped, do I need to get anything else too?

Hi,Yes.You have to go for stamping.You will get H4 stamp on the passport which is valid the date of your spouse H1B.

Hi,May I know how long does it take to change the status from H1B to H4 if we apply with in the US as you did.

There is nothing like H-4 EAD stamping. Its just a regular H-4 stamping. Having EAD doesn’t make the stamping process any different.