H4 EAD pending for 110 days


I-765 (stand alone new H4 EAD) was received on Feb 21, 2019 at California service center and no updates so far other than case received. It’s due for 110 days now. The receipt Number is WAC19-901-XXXXX, the 901 digit is supposed to be the computer workday for the fiscal year which began on Oct 01, 2018 and “901” doesn’t make any sense to me. Any insights would be appreciated. Are there anyone waiting for 110 days or more?

Thank you,

Do not worry about the format too much. As long as you have a physical copy of the notice, you are fine. Check the processing time for the center you have filed…if it is in the same range, then no issues…If the processing is beyond that time, then raise a service request. It is not very uncommon, there are few waiting for longer period of time.