H4 EAD only Biometrics needed?

Hi Priya,

I have same question:
I filed for my H4EAD Extension (standalone) August 26. My husband’s employer files H1B and H4 extension concurrently. Mu husband’s H1B Approved, but H4 still in processing (receipt notice received-August 6). I have not received Biometric Appointment yet for H4.
My question:

  1. Do I need Biometric for H4EAD extension, although files standalone?
  2. Can I request USCIS to expedite my H4EAD based on H1B Approval?
  3. Is H4Biometrics tied to H4EAD if both are filled seperately?

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  1. No, you do not need biometrics for H4 EAD alone, provided you have H4 approval already.
  2. Yes, you may, if you have H4 approval. It is subject to own criteria
  3. It is tied to H4. It does not matter how you file… you need to give Biometrics, if you have H4 pending with USCIS. EAD is based on H4 approval. Only case you are exempt is when you have H4 approved and you file for EAD later separately

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