H4 EAD New Rule


I recently did a COS from H4 to F1 and got my approval only this Jan end 2015.

Now that new work authorization rule has come, if I have to file for EAD, can I submit COS back to H4 and EAD application at same time? How long and how successful will such an application be for me to actually start working?

Or is it a good move to fly to India and re-enter on a H4 visa? Does that cancel my F1 status automatically? And can I do it with the existing H4 stamping valid on my passport till 2017.

Looking for the best option here, Kindly advise. Thanks

You can go for F1 to H4 COS or can go to India and come back on H4 (anything is ok)

F1 to H4 COS will take about 3 months and H4 EAD might take around 3 months