H4 EAD New Card produced but H4 Status didn't change

Hi I applied for H4 & H4 EAD concurrently along with H1. H4 EAD status shows as " New Card is Being Produced" but My H4 status still shows Case is Received. Incase if I get my Card is it valid to work without H4 Approval. Appreciate if you can provide me info if anyone has gone in similar situation.


If H4 EAD is approved, it means H4 is also approved. It’s just that the status is not updated as of now. Check next week and it should show approved as well.

Thanks Kalpesh you’re correct. I checked the status after couple of Hours Status Changed to Approved for both H4 and H4 EAD Status.

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How much before in time can we apply for H1 EXT with and H4 EAD extension because I know there are longer wait times on the H4 EAD. Thanks