H4 EAD I94 update timeline

H4 I94 Expiring - Dec/02/2022
H4 EAD Expiring - Aug/25/2022
Applied H4 EAD extension on March/18/2022. As per current auto extension rule of 540 days, my spouse can work till Dec/02/2022 (current H4 I94 expiration) since this comes before 540 days of auto extension from expiry date of H4 EAD.
My H1B new extension is approved till 2025.
Do we need to get the new H4 I94 extended based on H1B new approved extension before my spouse’s H4 EAD expiration date which is Aug/25/2022 and then interfile it to H4 EAD extension application OR can I get the H4 I94 extension done before Dec/02/2022 and interfile it to avail 540 days auto extension. ?