H4 EAD I-765 check list - What I-94 to enter after Travel ? Extension?

I want to file H4 EAD, When I looked at the form I 765 , SL No: 21(a) its asks for Form I 94 arrival and departure record number. I am little confused regarding the I 94 number I need to mention. I recently traveled to India and came back to US on Aug 22, During the same period, my H4 extension was also applied along with my husband’s H1 extension. So just 2 days back I got my I 797 approval along with it
I 94 number. So which is the I 94 number I am supposed to mention on the form and attach the I 94 document, the one available online (CBP website) or the I 94 attached to my I 797 as both are different.

Yes, this is a tricky situation. Did you also get your H4 stamping done in India ?