H4 EAD got approved- Should I work or study?

Hello Guys,I am in a big dilemma and I am really confused on what to do next. I got my H4 EAD approved a couple of days back(still yet to recieve a card) and have a pending job offer which I can join as soon as I get. I also have admits from a couple of universities which I need to join by August 1st week. Now as you all know that the H4 EAD is set to be revoked but USCIS has still not confirmed the exact terms. The job offer I have is pretty good but for my long term prospects in the US, I have a feeling I should start studying. I am planning to start studying on H4 and in between go to India and apply for F1, is this a good decision? I am really confused!!

First of all, Congratulations on the H4 EAD in the current situation! I am sure many would like to swap places with you when you have a choice to work or study :slight_smile:

It is always good to take a step back and analyze the situation without our emotions involved before making an important decision. The rules surrounding H1b, H4 EAD, Green Cards are all because of the political leadership that are currently in power. Just a few years back it was the opposite and the policies were completely different.

The current political climate might change for the good or for the worse in the coming years. So, the decision to study or work must be based on your passion and not on the current rules that are in place. I know couple of my friends who do both work and study to take advantage of the good fortune and also have an eye on the future.

Good luck with your decision!