H4 EAD Extension

Hello All,

I have a Question regarding H4 EAD Extension.

Currently my H1B and my Wife’s H4 Extension is in process and current VISA getting expired on 12/13/2022 (next month).

My wife got her EAD till 12/13/2022 and I’ve already applied for her H4EAD Extension on the basis of our Extension receipts.

My Question is, can I get my wife’s i94 extended at Canada/Mexico border after current VISA validity (12/13/2022) date as I am not sure if my H1B will be approved by then?

If the i94 can be extended will that also translate to H4 EAD Extension for 540 days/i94 validity?

Thanks for help.

You need a valid H1B I-797 for H4 to extend I-94 at CBP.
You can upgrade uour H1B petition to premium processing to speed up the approval.


Hi Kalpesh!
How to extend the H4 i94 in CBP using H1B extension approval?
My husband’s H1B got approved. But my i94 and my H4 EAD is expiring in March 2023. So if I get my i94 date changed, I can work with H4 EAD expired card? Thank you for your time.

Based on where you live in the US, you can either visit Canada border or Mexico border CBP to extend your I-94 based on your spouse H1B approval notice/I-797.

Once you H4 I-94 is extended, you need to file for EAD renewal before its expiry. This give you automatic extension for 540 days on your EAD.