H4 EAD Extension

Hello All,

I have a Question regarding H4 EAD Extension.

Currently my H1B and my Wife’s H4 Extension is in process and current VISA getting expired on 12/13/2022 (next month).

My wife got her EAD till 12/13/2022 and I’ve already applied for her H4EAD Extension on the basis of our Extension receipts.

My Question is, can I get my wife’s i94 extended at Canada/Mexico border after current VISA validity (12/13/2022) date as I am not sure if my H1B will be approved by then?

If the i94 can be extended will that also translate to H4 EAD Extension for 540 days/i94 validity?

Thanks for help.

You need a valid H1B I-797 for H4 to extend I-94 at CBP.
You can upgrade uour H1B petition to premium processing to speed up the approval.