H4 EAD details and job market

Hi All,

This forum has helped me immensely in obtaining a B2 visa and travel for USA. Once again thanks a lot, now a new request from my end please help me with my queries

  1. I am going to apply H4 visa as I already have B2 and visited USA last month , would there be a difficulty for me rather what kind of question would be put forth on me.

  2. Would it be scrutinized a lot for H4 visa interview.

  3. Is there EAD premium process and if yes would be done faster like within a month etc.

  4. I am a project manager and planned to quit an Indian MNC as there is no much of a support for me , for few they assist with job post obtaining visa here no info is being shared so I am bit worries about job market there what is the harsh reality there.

Thanks in advance …

No issues as far as you have the copy primary H1B I-797 and all H4 supporting documents.

Generally speaking H4 are not scrutinized unless there are past visa violations.

Not available.