H4 ead confusion


I am not finding any resolution in answered posts and hence posting it as a new question. In march 2020, my company applied for ammendment plus extension due to project change. This was the first extension filing based on i140. My company used a sow that was till july 2020 and as my bad luck with uscis continues, got approval till july 31 2020. H4 extension was also applied, but due to covid, wife’s biometric hasn’t happened due to office closure.

Now a new extension has to be filed and company says that they will just use the pending h4 receipt received earlier to indicate h4 extension to be associated with this h1 extension. I also want to apply h4 ead for my wife. In my situation, how should I proceed? Company doesn’t file ead along with h1 and h4 - i have to do it separate. Should i wait for the new h1 receipt number to file the ead or can i use the previous approved receipt number?