H4 EAD Automatic extension

My H4 EAD is expiring on Aug 22, 2022 and I have my H4 extention approved with new I94 till 2024.
My questions are below,

  1. In EAD renewal application I should enter the new I94 that I received in my H4 approval notice . Is that right?
  2. In Uscis link(Automatic Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Extension | USCIS) it says I will be eligible for automatic extension as I have valid I 94. But redbus link (Full List of USCIS EAD Category Codes,180 Days Extension[2021]) says i am not eligible. Could you please clarify the same?
    I have valid H4 and I94 approval till Aug, 2024 and my EAD expiring on Aug-22,2022


You are looking at an old article.

Thanks Kalpesh for the response. It helps.
I will be applying for my EAD extension this month. So will I get any email confirmation or notification from USCIS saying My EAD will be automatically extended for 180 days. Reason for asking is I need to provide some document or proof to my employer that My EAD is Valid after Aug 2022( my current expiry)

When you apply for any immigration benefits USCIS will issue a receipt and EAD is no different.

Below is the guidance for employer for I-9 update.

Hi ,

  1. can someone tell what’s the current waiting time for h1 under normal process ? Please mention the center too if possible

  2. Since H4 approval is long waiting one , is it a good idea to go to India and return with H4 stamped and then apply EAD ? I believe as per the new change , ead person can work once the extension is filed after H4 approval / stamping. Is there any issues while doing this ?

  3. Instead of H4 stamping from India, can H4 travel to CANADA/MEX with approved H1 i797 ,get new i94 based on it and eligible for 180 days automatic extension based on i94 ?

Any suggestions/ help will be appreciated, if anyone has done the same thing please share the experience too