H4 EAD automatic extension without physical H1/H4 approval notices

My H4 EAD is expiring on 4/13/2024. My spouse’s H1B and my H4 are recently approved but not received physical approval notices yet. Can I apply for H4 EAD renewal now and be eligible for automatic H4 EAD extension or do I have to wait for physical notices before my renewal application will be considered eligible for automatic extension by USCIS.


You will qualify for automatic extension of EAD if you file the EAD application before your current EAD expires.
Ideally you need to attach copy of H1B and H4 I-797 approval notices to prove that the primary H1B and H4 are valid. However in your case because you dont have the copy of I-797, you can print and attach copy of approval email from USCIS of you have it. If you do this, I suggest mentioning in the cover letter why you are attaching the approval email instead of I-797.

Thanks Kalpesh. I have applied for EAD renewal with the documentation that I have. But I haven’t received EAD application receipt notice yet. Is that something my employer would be expecting for my updated I9? Is there anyway to get receipt number before receiving actual receipt notice to allow me to continue with my employment?

Your employer may ask for the receipt notice. You can call USCIS support and ask to expedite the receipt. If you filed online, you can fi s tbe receipt no. in your USCIS account.