H4/EAD approved while F1-OPT EAD is still valid -- Need to stop working until EAD card is obtained?

Dear Experts,

I am working full time with F1-OPT EAD-- valid until May 2017. This year- 2017 being my last attempt of trying for H1B through lottery, I chose to apply for H4/EAD (concurrent) as well, as a backup (with my husband being H1B, I140 approved)

Incidentally, my H4/EAD got approved so fast - not sure how, which is several months ahead of my F1-OPT/EAD expiry and I am waiting to obtain my H4/EAD card.

Question is – is there a grace period during which I can still continue to work having a valid F1-OPT/EAD? OR since I have transitioned to H4, I need to stop working IMMEDIATELY until my EAD card is obtained?

Thanks in advance!

If your H4 change of status has been approved. You should not be working on F1 EAD at all. As the EAD is connected to your F1 status. Once on H4, you should wait for EAD to work.