H4 EAD application

I am currently in the process of my GC application(awaiting the PERM application). Here are my questions.

  • Can I apply for my spouse’s H4 EAD with my I140? Or it has to be after apprived I-140
  • How would H4 EAD work out with my H1B extensions? We apply for H1B and H4 EAD extensions all together in the future before they are slated to expire within 6 months time frame and can my spouse can still work on a pending H4 EAD extension? Thanks

H4 EAD application will need approved I140.

You can apply for EOS for H1B, H4 & H4 EAD all at same time. Currently H4 EAD holder can’t work if EAD expires and the renewal is not approved before expiry but this may change in few days due to a lawsuit that has reached a settlement with USCIS where they will start giving automatic 180 days EAD extension while the renewal application is pending.

Thanks Kalpesh, And when is the earliest that I can file for renewal

Ex: my H1B expired Sept 2023 (when Can I apply for H1b ext with H4 and H4EAD(with an approved I140?). Thanks.

Within 6 months of the expiry.