H4 ead application in progress with old h4 dates and now got new h4 extension


I have a situation for my wife H4 EAD. I got my I140 approved in May 2019 and we immediately applied H4 EAD for my wife in May 2019 hoping that it will get approved in 2-3 months as told by attorney. My wife H4 is valid till Jan 2020 at the time of applying for H4 EAD. Today H4 EAD application got RFE. Meanwhile we got new H4 visa stamping done in India for next 3 years that is H4 valid till Jan 2023. Now Im having doubt like if we respond to RFE what dates of H4 they will consider. Are they going to approve till Jan 2020 as what we applied with or they are going to consider our new H4 dates and approve H4 EAD till Jan 2023. Will be glad to hear your thoughts on this.

Well, they would usually judge based on the details they have. As you have got stamping, that info would not be updated to them. What you can do is submit the copy of the visa, and a requisition letter indicating that you got stamping so that they consider the new dates and give approval for 3 years.

Thanks for your response. Yes I will do that providing them copies of latest H4 and request letter to consider the latest H4.

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