H4 EAD and USCIS Random site visit for H1

Need help on the below situations…

  1. I got my H1-extension approved in the month of Nov’15, USCIS reached out my employer in the month on March’16 and told him that i have been selected for a random check at client place and asked for my Client details and my contact details, for which my employer responded.

We thought he would show-up soon, but he never showed-up and we thought he would never show-up and my contract ended last week with the client… and now after 2 months he came for a visit yesterday and asked for me, people there directed him to my manager, and my manager told that my project ended last week… what should i be doing now…? any help is appreciated…

Will it be any problem for my H1 or status
? Any idea on what USCIS will do ?

  1. Based on my i-140 approval and recent H1 approval, Last week we applied for change-of-status for my spouse from H1 to H4-EAD (spouse is currently on H1), we didn’t get the receipt number yet,but I see the checks are deposited by uscis, Will it be any problem if the ead is approved…?

or does my current situation effect her EAD ?

and in case her EAD is denied becasue of my h1 issue, what will be her status ?
as we applied for h1 to h4 ead…i believe they will 1st approve h4 and then ead…if h4 is approved then she will be on h4 right…
and in case if both h4 and ead are denied then i guess she will have her h1 valid right ?

Thanks in advance

sorry for long post.

  1. What are you doing after the project ended? If you moved to another project at another location, did your employer file H-1 amendment for the same?

  2. Receipt number is sent through postal mail and could take 1-2 weeks. If your current situation runs into the worst case scenario, her H-4 COS would be denied which would make EAD moot. So she would stay on H-1 like today. If you have worries about your H-1 and her H-4, then I suggest she maintains her H-1 status until her H-4 COS gets approved.