H4 dropbox status approved but no update for 1 month

Went for dropbox for me and my wife on march 28th in delhi. They accepted all documents and asked to wait for 10 business days.
Received my passport for h1b within 3 days.
But the H4 stamping is still not complete, last update it shows with status as “approved” on march 31st. Its been a month and there is no update. Ustravel docs says they escalated our case, but no update still…
Our return date is in 2weeks and worried we will have to extend the travel for 4 of us and take unpaid time off…

Did someone go through similar situation or can someone share some expert advice ?

(Attaching screenshot of status)

Did you send email to the consulate? If nit please do so. You can also tweet tagging the consulate that is processing your application and explain your situation. Tweets have worked in oast to escalate such issues.

Thanks for responding…US consulate didnt respond to emails yet… and no response on twitter as well