H4 Dropbox stamping eligibility

My Husband who is on H1B was in company A from Jan 2015 to Oct 2017, company B from Oct 2017 to Oct 2018, company C from Oct 2018 till date. I am on H4 and went to India in 2017 and got stamping for company A till July 2019 as per the I797 at that time. Now I am planning to go to India alone on H4. Due to pandemic situation, the eligibility for Dropbox is 48 months from expiry of visa. Even though I qualify for Dropbox, I have a doubt regarding the employer change. The previous stamping was for company A and the one I will be going is for company C.

  1. Is the company change acceptable while going for the Dropbox stamping?
  2. Does that change my eligibility for Dropbox or will be a reason for my visa stamping rejection now?

Visa is just a travel document required for entry into the US and is independent of the employer even though the employer is listed. So the dropbox eligibility is not impacted due to employer change.



Thanks for your reply.