H4 Dropbox query.


Thanks for looking into my post.
I was in the US from June 2015 till Aug 2016. I had to come back to India due to some personal issues. My h4 visa is stamped in my passport till Dec 2015. In between, my husband(who is working in the US with H1B visa) had applied for extension for both of us, and it got approved till Dec 2016. Now my husband again applied for extension and it has got approved till Dec 2017. But this time, since I was not there, he couldn’t apply extension for me. Am planning to go back in April 2017.

  1. am I eligible for Dropbox facility?
  2. if yes, and if I apply for Dropbox in the near months will I get my visa stamped till Dec 2017, since my husband’s extension got approved till that date?

Please help me to get my doubts cleared.

  1. So you have H-4 visa stamp in passport expired in Dec 2015. You will be eligible for dropbox if applied before Dec 2016. After that, you are not eligible for dropbox.

  2. Yes, carry husband’s latest petition that expires in Dec 2017, and you should get the visa stamp accordingly.

Thank you Saurabh for your quick reply. Yes my stamped visa expired in Dec 2015. I am planning to apply Dropbox before Dec 2016. can I keep my husband’s latest petition, for Dropbox, so that I will get my visa Stamped till Dec 2017?

Yes, that is what you should do. Carry his latest petition.

Ok thanks Saurabh…I will do so…