H4 Dropbox before Visa expiry, Spouse L1 to H1B COS in US


Recently I had attended for H4 visa stamping interview alone with my husband’s company A approved i797 copy and got h4 visa stamping till Dec 2020. My husband recently did h1b transfer with the new employer and his transfer petition was approved till October 2022. In case, if I opt to go for H4 dropbox appointment now as I qualify for it, I have a question regarding the h4 dropbox documents to submit. I read it in few sites saying that to carry the principal applicant’s previous or valid h1b visa. My husband went on L1 and converted to H1 in US and he does not have any h1b visa stamping on his passport so far. Will it be suffice if I carry the principal applicant’s recent approved i797 copy from the new employer along with the offer letter and employment verification letter ? Also please let me know what are the supporting documents to carry for h4 dropbox. Please suggest.

Appreciate your help.

Thank you

Yes, you would be eligible for dropbox. Yes, they do ask for previous stamping. You can provide the previous L1 stamping and the Change of Status approved with I-94 in US, that should be sufficient.
They may or may not need all the letters. In the first set of documents, they may not take all of them…They will ask, if needed. Check out the Sample Dropbox Appointment Sample Letter, it has all documents info

Thank you so much for the reply. I have checked the list of documents mentioned in the below link : Sample US Visa Dropbox Confirmation Letter India - Interview waiver
forwarded. I have below question.
I am in India for the last 1 year and so I don’t have previous approved i797 copy and current i797 copy for the dependent (H4) . I have only recent visa stamping on my passport with my spouse’s previous company. Please let me know if this will be fine.

That will be fine. You can just submit whatever documents you have.
If they ask, you can submit proof indicating that you were in India by showing passport stamp of your entry to India.