H4 Dropbox appointment

My current h4 visa is stamped till September 30th(spouse current h1 approval is till September 30th) .Our h1 and h4 is in getting submitted for extension in couple of weeks. H1 has drop box appointment booked for August (his last approval is not stamped). We are traveling to India in June and since h1 is in premium we will get to know the result of the petition much before but for sure h4 approval will get delayed.

So now, is there a way I can try looking for h4 drop box in current scenario since our last approval is already stamped and the new approval is yet to come. I just wanted to keep a slot booked when it comes available but since don’t have new i797 not sure whether I can book or not.

Also will it be possible to add my drop box to the existing booked slot appointment since it’s a dependent category or it has to be a new booking altogether ?

Any response or experience is appreciated- thank you

You dont need H4 I-797 approval for visa stamping. H4 dependent will need to use the primary H1B I-797 for visa stamping so yesyou can schedule your H4 appointment.

I doubt but you can check by calling VFS. You can though should be able to book appointment for you from the same profile ( if you are part of your spouse profile on CGI) for you once you pay the fees.