H4 Dropbox, Administrative Processing, Passport Ready for Pickup


Here is my timeline

Jan 21: Dropped passport and document at Chennai VFS
Jan 22: Administrative Processing
Jan 23: Administrative Processing , passport being collected from US Consulate
Jan 24: Administrative Processing, passport ready for pickup
Jan 25:Administrative Processing, passport ready for pickup

I moved to another city to attend a wedding and would not be able to pick the passport until 1/30, any idea what’s happening to my case- should I expect visa stamped or something else.

@kumar, is the CEAC status reliable, are there other similar cases reported?

It is very much reliable. It means that your passport is ready for pickup. Call the customer service and ask them your options. They maybe able to hold it for you for few days or ship it using Speed Post.
Do update here on how it goes.

Thanks @Kumar, but passport ready with administrative processing on CEAC mean 221g or request for interview? Is that accurate?

I will update the forum on the case.

The online status on CEAC website is quite generic, it may or may not mean the same. Sometimes, when you are waiting also you see that message. They will inform you, if you need visa interview. Email / call them on the status, if you have any. Yes, do update.

No Visa … They might be called for interview.